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Power Flushing

Is your central heating suffering from any of the following ?
Taking forever to heat up.
Are some radiators hot and others either warm or cold.
Are your radiators cold at the bottom and hot at the top.
Do your radiators require frequent bleeding.
Does your boiler make strange noises.
If your system is showing any of the above signs then a power flush of your system could be the answer. There are many thousands of ageing central heating systems, which have problems such as poor circulation & boiler noise. These problems are caused mainly by sludge, corrosion deposits and scale. Traditional methods of flushing do not get rid of all those deposits within the system and the problems can often very quickly return.

How does it work

Power flushing a central heating system is very complex and time consuming, it is important that the system is cleaned correctly. A purpose built machine is used to carry out this work which incorporates a pump and produces a powerful flow that has the ability to reverse direction, this action along with the use of cleaning chemicals will breakdown, dislodge and then mobilise the deposits of debris and corrosion which resist traditional flushing methods. Once the sludge and corrosion deposits have been dislodged, this along with contaminated water are flushed out through a dump valve to the nearest waste, whilst fresh clean water is forced through the system to replace the contaminated water.

What we offer
At Hutchison Heating, we offer a controlled chemical cleaning service for most wet domestic central heating systems. This service can treat and flush deposits from your system with minimal disturbance or disruption to the normal operation of your system. This is often achieved without disconnecting either the boiler or any of the radiators on the system. At the end of the power flushing process, the system is filled with water and an inhibitor is then added to prevent the build up of further corrosion. The system is then reinstated to normal working conditions and a certificate is then issued to state that the system has been power flushed.
Power flushing of central heating systems is subject to a survey.

Follow the link below for a video on the cleaning of heating systems.


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